Acts 7:9-14
From Famine To The Harvest

July 24, 2022

Justin K. Strait


WELCOME TO NEW LIFE ONLINE!!! In this message, we are taking a look at how God takes the famines Satan uses to destroy us and He uses them to perfect us!


Acts 7:9-14


1. Famine Is Satan's Attack On God's Promise of Provision (v. 11)

     *Rom. 8:31-39

     *2 Cor. 4:7-10


2. Affliction Is Used By God To Bring Purity & Perfection (v. 12)

     *James 1:2-4

     *Isaiah 48:10


3. God Uses Our Hunger To Cause Us To Pursue His Harvest (v. 13)

     *John 4:35

     *Rev. 14:15

     *Prov. 10:5


4. God Summons' Those Who Faithfully Tend The Harvest (v. 14)

     *Heb. 9:28


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