Acts 7:6-8
Homeward Bound

July 10, 2022

Justin K. Strait


Welcome to New Life Online! It's so easy to define our lives on what we see, feel, and experience. How do we measure success? By what we see? How do we measure value? By systems created by experience. How do we know truth? By the reality of what we see. What if that's not actually how any of that is meant to be measured?! We forget that we are just passing through this world. In a manner of speaking, we are meant to pitch tents and keep moving, but so often we establish dwellings and never leave.

In "Homeward Bound", we'll remind ourselves of this very truth and help refocus our eyes, hearts, cares, and measurements on heaven!


Acts 7:6-8


1. We Are Foreigners To This World

     *James 4:4

     *Galatians 5:1

     *John 8:34


2. We Have Been Given A Heavenly Covenant

     *Hebrews 9:15

     *Galatians 5:24


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