Acts 6:1-5
Spiritual Growing Pains

June 5, 2022

Justin K. Strait

New Life Assembly


"Spiritual Growing Pains" are inevitable as you continue to grow more intimate in the Lord and become more Spirit-led in your living because the flesh is being torn while the Spirit grows! Watch and be built up and encouraged as we break down 4 areas of anticipated increase during "Spiritual Growing Pains".


Acts 6:1-5


1. Increased Awareness of Needs (v. 1)

     *Philippians 2:14-15


2. Increased "Opportunity" to Sacrifice the Word (v. 2)

     *Ephesians 4:11-13


3. Increased Need to Call Out & Release Others To Do The Work (v. 3)

     *1 Corinthians 12


4. Increased Desire to Function In Unity (v. 5)

     *Romans 15:5-6


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