Acts 5:17-18
Make Some Noise

April 15, 2022

Justin K. Strait

New Life Assembly


Did you know that you walk in the promise, blessings, power, and inheritance that satan dreams of? That's right! In this Good Friday message, "Make Some Noise", New Life's lead pastor, Justin K. Strait, walks us through the power of the sacrifice made on the cross...but also helps us see that it is a model and example of how we are supposed to live our lives! As a church we are not called to be silent. We are called to stir the waters and make some noise against the enemy! Draw his attention and raise jealousy and zeal in him against you because you are living in the power he wants! Go on and make some noise and walk in power against him!

(New Life Assembly does NOT own rights or licenses to the video or music clips shown in the message. They are from 2 scenes in the movie "A Quiet Place")


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