Acts 4:36-27; Acts 5:1-2
Lay It ALL At Jesus' Feet

Welcome to New Life Online! Malachi 1 makes it clear that when we bring anything short of the best to God, it is dishonorable, unacceptable, and brings curses over our lives! Take that understanding as we dig into Acts 4:36-Acts5:2, and we see a stark contrast in hearts toward God: Barnabas was so changed, he gave it ALL to God. Ananias and Sapphira, however, schemed to keep back some for themselves.


Unfortunately, this is still a major issue within the church. Too often, we want to hold back our best and our ALL from God, acting as tho Jesus' life and blood wasn't enough payment to purchase ALL of us! Watch this message and be challenged but encouraged to "Lay It ALL At Jesus' Feet"!