Acts 4:29-31
It's Time To Shake Things Up!

Welcome to New Life Online! Take time to watch this powerful word from God on being a church who speaks and lives in boldness--to be the Church that "SHAKES THINGS UP"!


Acts 4:29-31

     *BOLD= parresia: unreserved freedom in speaking; without concealment; frankly; fearless; confident; cheerful;  without figures or comparison; to be conspicuous/secures publicity


*Joshua 6:1-3

     --The has been silent in the previous season, but we are now on the 7th day, moving into the 7th lap...It's time for us to find our war cry and SHOUT!


*2 Corinthians 4:16

*1 Corinthians 6:19

     --Our inner self is given over to the Holy Spirit. We must CONSTANTLY pursue a renewal/refilling of the Holy Spirit because we are a vehicle that is constantly in motion, being susceptible to running dry without a refill!


*2 Corinthians 6:1

     --When we co-labor with God--when we do the natural and allow Him to do the "super"--then God can shake walls because of a shout! God can scatter armies because of a cry and broken glass! God can take territory back from the enemy because of boldness!

          ***When we do the natural (raise our voice in boldness for the Lord), He can do the "super" (shake walls from a raised voice), and the supernatural takes place (territories are taken back by God and redeemed for His Kingdom)!