Acts 4:15-20
Appeal the Charges!

Welcome to New Life Online! God has placed a prophetic word on Pastor Justin's spirit to minister to us.

As we read through Acts 4:15-20, we see that the religious leaders' only goal was to shut down the name of Jesus, and He is still doing the same today!

1 Peter 2:15 tells us that God's will is we silence the unbelievers; consequently, Satan's goal is to silence believers. That has been his goal during these past 2 years, and he's only getting started.

Do NOT ALLOW HIM to succeed! Don't let him keep you from teaching, speaking, and living IN JESUS' NAME! Join us for this prophetic word and be encouraged, blessed, built up, and ready to speak against/ destroy the schemes of the enemy...just like Jesus did (1 John 3:8)!