Genesis 22:1-14

The altar is a place of breakthrough:

Life is altered at the altar! Chains are broken at the altar! Promes are made known and come to fruition at the altar! Revival will come because of what happens at the altar!

Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE the church gets back to not only accepting the altar, but EMBRACING it!

But why? Why is the altar so important for God to move in our lives?


1. Going to the altar requires humility

     --> God wants our dreams, promises, shortcomings, failures, and successes.

To give that is humbling! It changes our hearts from "If you want it, come get it!" to "Here I am!"


2. Going to the altar reveals our availability

     --> Being at the altar makes us available to hear God's voice, as well as open our hearts to hear the voices of those we're called to build up

God won't use those who aren't available to Him!


3. Going to the altar builds faith

     --> We do not truly have faith that God will provide and move in our situations if we are unwilling to move toward our mountains WITHOUT solutions!

God rarely reveals His answers outside of the altar; He desires we draw close to Him!


4. Going to the altar increases intimacy

     --> By going to the altar, we express an intimacy that NOTHING is of greater value in our lives than a relationship with God and pleasing Him!

We cannot please God without surrender, sacrifice, and obedience--which takes place at the altar!