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Sunday, March 14 will mark 2 years since AnaLaura, Azariah, Joash, Elliana, and myself have joined the New Life family! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your love, support, prayers, kindness, gifts, and encouragement along the way. They have meant the world to us!

It is no secret that last year was among the most challenging--if the THE MOST challenging--years we've ever faced. This is true for every facet of life. How things were done within our homes, workplaces, government, and even church changed drastically. It was not easy to know how to live, let alone lead, so thank you for your grace with us as we navigated leading through such unprecedented waters. It was through God's grace, and yours, alone that we were able to do so!

We love you all, dearly, and look forward to seeing what this next year brings our way! We know this, tho: no matter what we face, it has not taken God by surprise nor has it negated the power of the gospel! With those 2 unwaivering truths, 2021 is bound to be a powerful year, just as 2020 was!


With love and blessings,

Pastor Justin K. Strait